Python 2.5.1 broken os.stat module

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Tue Jun 5 05:51:17 CEST 2007

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|I have tried (unsuccessfully) to get you to view things from the end user
| perspective.

But that perspective is not directly relevant to *your* topic line.  When 
you make a claim that os.stat is 'broken' and bugged, you are making a 
claim about the *programmer* experience -- in particular, experiencing a 
discrepancy between performance and reasonable expectation based on the 
manuals.  Martin and I are both concerned about that particular claim 
(which now appears to be resolved in the negative).

>From the developer point of view, you, the programmer, are the user.  What 
you present to your users (who may or may not be the 'end' users) is your 

| However, there is a problem.  Windows does *not* display the date like 

Python developers cannot fix that.  Besides which, Python is a 
cross-platform language, originally developed on *nix.

| The user is left scratching their head.
| I prefer not to leave my end users in that situation.

Then do not.  I am sure Martin also agrees.  But if you want to discuss 
writing applications for end users, perhaps you should start a new thread 
with a different subject line.  It would attract different respondents.

Terry Jan Reedy

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