How can I know the name of "caller"

zacherates zacherates at
Tue Jun 19 22:56:08 CEST 2007

> ...(if it is possible) how can I get, from method "called", the name
> of function/method that called it (in this case "caller")?

The traceback module will give you access to the call stack.

>>> import traceback
>>> def foo():
...     return traceback.extract_stack()
>>> def bar():
...     return foo()
>>> foo()
[('<stdin>', 1, '<module>', None), ('<stdin>', 2, 'foo', None)]
>>> bar()
[('<stdin>', 1, '<module>', None), ('<stdin>', 2, 'bar', None),
('<stdin>', 2, 'foo', None)]

However, this seems like one of those it-matters-where-you-call-it-
from functions from days of yore.  They're generally considered to be
a bad idea and was one of the patterns that prompted a rather famous
essay by Dijkstra.

I'd recommend exploring other design alternatives and leave this
monstrosity in peace.


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