The Modernization of Emacs: terminology buffer and keybinding

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Sat Jun 23 00:12:58 CEST 2007

Falcolas <garrickp at> writes:

> On Jun 22, 3:06 pm, Pascal Bourguignon <p... at> wrote:
>> How do you call a Mac user interface that let a user work during 3
>> hours to do a simple modification to a MS-Word file that takes 15
>> seconds to do with emacs or a simple unix script?
> Would you mind elaborating on *what* took 3 hours to do, as opposed to
> just throwing around unquantified numbers? Would you also mind
> explaining the user's familiarity with the tools they were using on
> the mac?

Anything that the user have to do repeatitively with the GUI, like
copy-and-paste, or reformating of a lot of paragraphs or table
entries, and which is done automatically by writting a one-liner
program in emacs or shell.

And they tried to put graphical user interfaces on scripting, it
doesn't work either.  Programming is working with text, with verbs.

> It's just as easy for me to say that it took me 30 minutes to simply
> exit emacs, and use that to justify that emacs, and by extension
> Linux, is a terrible tool.

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