getmtime differs between Py2.5 and Py2.4

Joe Salmeri JoeSalmeri at
Fri Jun 1 19:21:46 CEST 2007

>"Neil Hodgson" <nyamatongwe+thunder at> wrote in message 
>news:C2U7i.7432$wH4.2849 at news-
>    One problem I have seen is that Windows Explorer and its File 
> Properties sheet sometimes cache time values. Even closing and reopening 
> the properties can show the old value. dir should always read the times 
> though.

I've seen that problem too but this is a NEW file so there shouldn't have 
been anything to cache :-)

Plus after the timestamp is set then Explorer shows the new value and dir 
and other tools all seem to be in sync with the time value displayed, with 
the exception of python 2.5.1.


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