which "GUI module" you suggest me to use?

ZioMiP mip at fastwebnet.it
Wed Jun 6 01:17:11 CEST 2007

Cameron Laird ha scritto:
> In article <p%k9i.8712$BU3.5975 at tornado.fastwebnet.it>,
> ZioMiP  <mip at fastwebnet.it> wrote:
>> Hi to all...
>> I'm actually using Tkinter for my GUI... but I need to "put a piece of a 
>> web-page in a widget" how can I do?
>> which GUI module do you suggest me to use for do that?
>> or which GUI module do you suggest me to use at all?
>> I'm acutally using Windows Xp but I also use Linux...
>> I know that WxPython work only under Windows and PyGTK work only under 
>> Linux... there's some other modules?
> ?  wxPython is available for Linux and Mac OS X.  PyGTK is
> available for Windows.
> Apparently you want to embed Web content in a Tkinter widget.
> There are several ways to do this.  Do you need a live browser,
> or is it enough to render HTML?

I think is like a "live browser"... not only render HTML because the 
webpage got a bit of javascript inside...

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