Create a new class on the fly

Anton Vredegoor anton.vredegoor at
Sat Jun 2 10:40:02 CEST 2007

Alex Martelli wrote:

> You can find a few examples of me demonstrating the subject of your
> interest by searching for my name e.g. on; searching
> for my name on Amazon will show some books using similar techniques, and
> searching for my name on will find about 50,000 posts
> many of which exhibit essentially the same approach.  Unfortunately, I
> can't currently offer such courses commercially while staying employed
> as Uber Tech Lead for Google, Inc, but if the monies on offer make it
> worth my while for me to drop million bucks worth of stock options, plus
> a vigorish for my other comp package _and_ the incredible amount of
> happiness I get every day from my job (where I get to interact with
> truly brlliant people, who, if and when they "leave an erroneous snippet
> in", are GRATEFUL to me for pointing it out, rather than RESENTFUL and
> DEFENSIVE), I'll surely consider that most seriously (as long as the
> monies in question are in escrow for my personal reassurance).

And still you are not bored with yourself? What a waste.

> Until such conditions should obtain, I'll just have to keep freely
> helping the people who are WORTH helping, and poking sarcastic funs at
> those who prove themselves ot be a waste of oxygen instead.

So you have found out about the trick of never being wrong, and what's 
worse you now have a large group of followers continually reinforcing 
you and thus keeping you stuck in the psychic plane.

> May you have the life you deserve,

It seems you already have it.


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