emacs for python

Rustom Mody rustompmody at gmail.com
Sun Jun 24 20:18:02 CEST 2007

I wish to set up emacs for python usage.  The specific questions are:

1. Which python mode should one use?  It seems there is one from python and
one from emacs and both are deliberately named so as to be confusable!! I
would like one that gives...

2. Good support for debugging: I hear pdbtrack is better than pdb -- but I
am not able to figure how to use it.

3. Is it possible to get brief help on methods/functions using
mouse-hovering/F1 rather than having to go out to pydoc etc

4. Also maybe a (minor?) mode to convert selections of interpreter text into

5. The menu contains something called IM-python but that contains nothing
except *rescan*

6. Turning off semantic. semantic (is that the same as fly-make??) seems to
randomly get into 99% CPU usage.  How to turn it off?

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