Python's "only one way to do it" philosophy isn't good?

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Fri Jun 22 19:09:25 CEST 2007

On 2007-06-22, Douglas Alan <doug at> wrote:
> Neil Cerutti <horpner at> writes:
>> That said, I wouldn't give up the summer I spent studying _Simply
>> Scheme_.
> Sounds like fun.  Is this like a kinder, gentler version of SICP?

No, it is a prequel. Along with "How to Design Programs" it is
meant specifically as a primer for SICP, and an introduction to
computer science.

> I'm not sure, though, that I could have learned computer
> science properly without the immortal characters of Ben
> Bittwiddler and Harry Reasoner intruding into every problem
> set.

_Simply Scheme_ has the cute Little Computer People, and amusing
cartoons. If you aren't a Rolling Stones, Beatles, or Monty
Python fan then the examples may seem arbitrary. The authors
chose to make most of their exercises and examples about
manipulating sentences, rather than computing math functions.

It won't much other than a nice diversion if you've already
mastered the material in SICP.

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