How can I know the name of "caller"

John Nagle nagle at
Wed Jun 20 06:52:21 CEST 2007

billiejoex wrote:
> Hi there,
> unfortunately, I'm compelled to apply a sort of monkey patching at the
> code of an existing libreary that I can't modify directly.
> ...(if it is possible) how can I get, from method "called", the name
> of function/method that called it (in this case "caller")?

     Bad idea.

     Note, though, that within Python, you can easily replace existing
function definitions with your own.  This is something of a desperation
measure, but it works.

    I have a small collection of patches to the standard Python libraries
which I import.  (I've reported all of them in the tracker as bugs, and some 
later version of Python will contain the fixes. But that can take years.)

				John Nagle

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