The Modernization of Emacs

David Kastrup dak at
Thu Jun 21 16:36:32 CEST 2007

Bjorn Borud <borud-news at> writes:

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> this is hardly surprising.  I use both editors.  for most sysadmin
> tasks I use vi(m).  for programming i use Emacs.  
> in part out of old habit (most UNIX systems had vi installed) and
> partly because vi(m) is faster (which makes it more suitable when you
> just need to change a couple of lines in a file).

The idea is to start Emacs once and use it for everything.

> so if the context was system administration, I'd vote for vi as
> well. if the context was programming I'd vote Emacs.

You know you can use something like
C-x C-f /su::/etc/fstab RET
(or /sudo::/etc/fstab) in order to edit files as root in a normal
Emacs session?

David Kastrup

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