How to save python codes in files?

BartlebyScrivener bscrivener42 at
Thu Jun 14 15:47:12 CEST 2007

On Jun 13, 12:04 am, why? <jimbom... at> wrote:
> Im working with Python 2.2 on my red hat linux system. Is there any
> way to write python codes in separate files and save them so that i
> can view/edit them in the future? Actually I've just started with
> python and would be grateful for a response. Thanx!

In addition to the help you've already received, you need:

It doesn't seem to be loading at the moment, but it will soon, I

Otherwise, go to

Skip the installation instructions (for Windows) and go to the four
references and links under the image of the PythonWin interpreter.



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