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> I've been having problem with the following code. It's supposed to
> print the prime numbers  between 10 and 100. But i'm not getting any
> output, i.e. i guess the outer 'for' loop is being traversed only
> once. I would be greatful if you could help me out. Thanx!
>>>> f=1
>>>> for i in range(10,100):
> ...     for j in range(2,i):
> ...             if i%j==0:
> ...                     f=0
> ...                     break
> ...             else: continue
> ...     if f==1:
> ...             print i,
> ...

Note that once you set f=0, it will never change.
Move the f=1 inside the outer loop. Also, the else clause is useless here;  
best to use a bool for conditions; and it would benefit from better  
variable names. Keeping the same structure:

for number in range(10,100):
     is_prime = True
     for divisor in range(2,number):
         if number % divisor == 0:
             is_prime = False
     if is_prime:
         print number,

Next step: for loops have an optional "else" clause, that gets executed  
whenever the loop exits normally (in this case, when divisor goes up to  
number, and the break statement is never executed). So you don't need  

for number in range(10,100):
     for divisor in range(2,number):
         if number % divisor == 0:
         print number,

Gabriel Genellina

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