Please help on Binary file manipulation

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I've found when I have questions like this, that thinking about how I'd
do it in C/C++, then searching on some of those key words leads me to a
Python equivalent solution, or at least heading down the right path.
In this case, I believe you'll find the "file" module helpfull.  You can
read/seek on a number of bytes.  
I don't know how you'd do the playback specifically, but my guess is
you'll use a loop to create new files, so use a similar loop for


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	Subject: Please help on Binary file manipulation
	Hi all
	I have a binary file of about 600kbytes - I want to break it up
in file chunks of 1085 bytes - every file must have a new file name.
	The data is binary video frames (370 frames) - I want to play
the data back into an embedded system frame/file by file.
	I am a complete Python newby - but have C/C++ skills.
	Please supply/help me with an snippet or example 


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