The Modernization of Emacs

David Kastrup dak at
Thu Jun 21 08:40:40 CEST 2007

Twisted <twisted0n3 at> writes:

> On Jun 20, 12:39 pm, jadam... at (Joel J. Adamson) wrote:
>> The point is that the responsibility to customize is on the user.
> Given that in its out-of-the-box configuration it's well-nigh unusable
> without a printed-out "cheat sheet" of some kind, of the sort that
> were supposed to have died out in the 80s, getting it customized poses
> something of a catch-22 for anyone trying to get started using it.

"Catch 22" is the right phrase here: just catch Emacs 22 and get
started.  Its out-of-the-box configuration is quite sensible.

What was the last version you said you actually tried out?

David Kastrup

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