Re: GUI apps in Windows with native widgets?

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Tue Jun 19 15:44:51 CEST 2007

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> From: Gilles Ganault <nospam at>
> Subj: GUI apps in Windows with native widgets?
> Date: 19.6.2007 04:15:55
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> Hello
> 	I'd like to write a GUI app in Python exclusively for Windows.
> Apparently, development of PythonWin has stopped a long time ago.
> Is there another thin wrapper to write apps in Windows? I'd rather not
> have to ship eg. WxWidgets, GTK+, or QT.
> Thank you.
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I haven't tried it myself in a real application (while using wxpython), but Venster seems to be much more lightweight than some other more popular GUI toolkits; it also supports only Windows. You may check it here:

The most important thing would be to determine, if it suits your needs (e.g. the supported widgets, methods etc.) 

    Vlastimil Brom

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