Who uses Python?

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Mon Jun 4 22:00:57 CEST 2007

On Jun 4, 3:37 pm, walterbyrd <walterb... at iname.com> wrote:
> I mean other than sysadmins, programmers, and web-site developers?
> I have heard of some DBAs who use a lot of python.
> I suppose some scientists. I think python is used in bioinformatics. I
> think some math and physics people use python.
> I suppose some people use python to learn "programming" in general.
> Python would do well as a teaching language.
> I would think that python would be a good language for data analysis.
> Anything else? Finance? Web-analytics? SEO? Digital art?

Presumably most of the above are "programmers" when they're writing
programs in Python, right?  It's a general purpose language that can
be used for a very wide range of domains.

FWIW, I do use it for digital art (music visualization).  It's
excellent for data analysis (I've done everything from stats on lines
in an SQL database to mining flat text files of data for statistical
projections of MLB baseball player performance).  I know a couple of
people who sell a double-entry accounting system written in Python,
which is presumably "finance".  Web analytics is very common (I've
seen several such projects).

I know at least one group using python as a control language in
embedded systems (at least at one point a few years back they had
opted for Stackless, but Python nonetheless); they're doing some cool
home-automation style stuff.

I've also written my window manager, various text editor extensions,
numerous web applications, one-off data analysis scripts, several GUI
applications, etc in Python (or mostly Python).  The apps I've worked
on range from one-offs at the command line to midrange scripts to
multiple-hundreds-of-thousands of lines of code projects worked on by
many developers.

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