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Thu Jun 14 04:11:22 CEST 2007

On Jun 13, 6:48 pm, "Gabriel Genellina" <gagsl-... at>
> En Wed, 13 Jun 2007 22:20:16 -0300, nik <nikb... at> escribió:
> > I would like to create a class and then save it for re-use later. I
> > have tried to usepickle, but am not sure if that is right. I am
> > sorry, but I am new to python.
> Do you want to save the *source*code* of your class, or do you want to
> save created *instances* -objects- of your classes to retrieve them later
> (like a database)?
> > Basically, I have a class, Map. I want to be able to create new maps:
> > MapA, MapB... that have Map as the base class.
> > start with-
> > class Map:
> >     pass
> > and then get a different class
> > class MapA(Map):
> >     pass
> > that can be saved in a .py file for re-use
> You just create the .py file with any text editor, containing the source
> code for all your classes.
> > so far I thought that -
> > cls = new.classobj('MapA', (Map, ), {})
> > file = open('somefile', mode='w')
> >pickle.dump(cls, file)
> > -might work, but it didn't.... can anybody point me in the right
> > direction? I know that classes must get saved from the interactive
> > console, so I would think that it would be a standard thing to do.
> This would try to save the *class* definition, which is usually not
> required because they reside on your source files.
> If this is actually what you really want to do, try to explain us exactly
> why do you think so. Chances are that there is another solution for this.
> --
> Gabriel Genellina

Thanks for the response.

It would seem that I want to actually save the source code for the
class. I know that I could of course open up an editor and just make
it, but my ideal would be to have the base class, Map, be able to make
the sub-classes. I don't want the class definition. What I want is an
actual class that I could later import and use somewhere else. I am
planning to have each one of these map objects contain a different
dictionary and then be able to import the map into the application,
but have certain methods defined in the Map super-class to draw data
out of the specific map's specific dictionary. I hope that makes

Something like,
class Map:
     dict = {}
     def DoSomething(self):

     def MakeNewMapSubClass(self, newclassname):
         """ make a new file, that contains a new
             newclassname(Map) that inherits from base-class Map.


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