Date<->UNIX timestamp mapping (was Portable general timestamp format, not 2038-limited)

Martin Gregorie martin at see.sig.for.address
Wed Jun 27 00:59:32 CEST 2007

Paul Rubin wrote:
> Martin Gregorie <martin at see.sig.for.address> writes:
>>> Same one already given:
>> <picky_mode>
>> Nope - you referenced leap seconds, not TAI and not that URL
> Oh whoops, I thought I put that url further up in the thread.
> I remember grumbling to myself about having to look for it twice.
> Maybe I'm just confused.  Anyway it's pretty interesting stuff,
> as is the Wikipedia article someone else linked to.
Thinking of interesting date & time related stuff, there's another 
document I remember seeing a while back - probably around early '98. It 
was an ASCII configuration file that contained to rules for mapping 
human readable dates & times to UNIX timestamps after taking account of 
changes of calendar (e.g. the switch between Julian and Gregorian 
calendars), the introduction of daylight saving time, etc. I remember 
that it was mostly comment interspersed with mapping rules and that the 
comments were vast and fascinating, often including copies of e-mail 

The file was part of a Linux distro, probably Debian. Some time later, 
after I set up my first Linux system, I went looking for it without 
success, probably because by that time (RedHat 6.2) the date mapping 
rules had become encoded as some sort of binary rule set.

I'd very much like to know where I could find a copy of that file.

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