The Modernization of Emacs

Bjorn Borud borud-news at
Wed Jun 20 13:48:20 CEST 2007

[Xah Lee <xah at>]
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if I were to suggest improvements to Emacs, the things you mention are
probably among the last things I'd even consider.  the problem with
Emacs is not really the nomenclature or the keybindings.  the problem
is that it needs to do what it already does better.

My frustration with Emacs has mostly been that Emacs-Lisp is a bit too
limiting.  It is too slow and the codebase is a bit messy.  or at
least it was the last time I tried to do something in Emacs-Lisp a
couple of years ago.  it would also be beneficial if there was a more
proper and well-organized standard library for Emacs to make
developing Emacs applications easier.

for programmers, Emacs is a pretty good editor already, but there is a
bit of a threshold for extending Emacs.


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