Who uses Python?

Maria R Maria.Reinhammar at accalon.com
Tue Jun 5 11:01:29 CEST 2007

I tend to agree with some earlier poster that if you use Python you
are, in a sense, a programmer :o)

But seriously, we use Python for controlling fully automated logistics
solutions (conveyors and stacker cranes), for generating PLC code etc

We are also about to start using FactoryCAD (a thingy from UGS to run
on top af AutoCAD) in which we have "intelligent" objects. These
objects have action code and FactoryCAD contains an embedded Python
interpreter. Our mech engineers thus write (although a bit simple but
still..) Python to make things work :o)

We further have generators of mechanical assemblies in SolidEdge. We
use a rule based approach and both the configuration files and the
rule base are in Python. Our Mech engineers maintain that too.

My two cent..

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