The Modernization of Emacs

David Kastrup dak at
Sat Jun 23 10:05:15 CEST 2007

nebulous99 at writes:

> PS you'll have to stop posting such a high volume here. I'm getting
> BS from Google Groups about posting limits being exceeded again.

Oh, but that just means that _YOU_ will have to stop posting such a
high volume here.  Others are not affected.  Though I have no doubt
they'll welcome a thinning out of this thread (followups directed to
comp.emacs for that reason).

> Apparently they've lowered it still further, from 25 in a 24 hour
> period to 12 or so in a 24 hour period. Fuckers.

How about making _summary_ answers then?  Your whole contributions
boil down to "You must be lying.  This can't be Emacs you are talking
about, since I know Emacs intimately because of having looked at an
old version of it for half an hour about 10 years ago." anyway.  You
don't need to post this 12 times per day.  You don't even need to post
this at all.  It does not get any less stupid by repetition.

What _is_ sort of amusing is that years ago you already accused me of
forgery when I pointed you to the Emacs screenshots on the
<URL:> page.

It appears that you still have not bothered educating yourself, years
after you were pretty much universally derided in comp.text.tex for
making a spectacle of your self-chosen ignorance.

David Kastrup, Kriemhildstr. 15, 44793 Bochum

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