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> >> interesting.  Very interesting but I suspect the
> >> message is "don't hold your 
> >> breath but don't give up hope."
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> > 
> > Exactly. :)
> This is one of those things where a foundation, with
> a smart person for making 
> really simple things should get some money from the
> foundation and get it built. 

Well, this is a case where smart people (including Jim
Hugunin) are getting some money from Microsoft, which
probably still has more dollars to spend than the
average foundation.  And some really smart people in
the open source world (Miguel de Icaza, etc.) are
tracking to it, according to the article.  As far as
"really simple things" goes, it doesn't really fit in
that category.

As much as I love Python, though, I still think the
future of browser-side programming for the next five
or ten years is Javascript, and I think the real
productivity gains are going to come when Javascript
libraries mature, it becomes more common knowledge
which libraries are best of breed, etc.

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