The Modernization of Emacs: terminology buffer and keybinding

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Wed Jun 20 23:56:17 CEST 2007

Some entity, AKA Twisted <twisted0n3 at>,
wrote this mindboggling stuff:

> On the other hand, being actively beginner-hostile leads to nobody
> adopting the tool. Then again, if you don't mind being the last
> generation that'll ever use it, then I guess you're okay with that. If
> it suits its existing users, the rest of us will just continue to use
> something else.
> I continue to suspect that there's an ulterior motive for making and
> keeping certain software actively beginner-hostile; a certain macho
> elitism also seen with light aircraft pilots and commented on at
> (exact URL escapes me; sorry).

Of course! real tools are not for wannabees.
Just like there are a lot of people that have a shed full off the most
modern power-tools that money can buy from the local DIY-Market,
but cannot build a chickencoop if their life depended on it.
If you are to lazy to learn how to use any tool, it will not serve
you in any usefull manner.  
But if you are to dumb to grok it, it's useless anyway.


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