error when calling method of class

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Fri Jun 8 15:58:57 CEST 2007

2007/6/8, Sean Farrow <sean.farrow at>:
> Hi:
> I have defined a class in that class is a method defined as follows:
> def splitTime(n):
> seconds =float(n)
> I call the method in another procedure as follows:
> sefl.splitTime(200)
> the traceback states that splitTime takes one argument two given. why is
> this occuring?
> if I try calling it like:
> splitTime(200)
> I get a name resultion error saying that the global name splitTime is
> not defined.
> Any help apreciated.

In self.splitTime(200), self is considered an argument as well, thus
the definition should be done with:

def splitTime(self,n):

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