Tkinter, tkMessagebox and overrideredirect

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Thu Jun 7 13:11:38 CEST 2007

On Jun 7, 12:01 pm, "Eric Brunel" <see.signat... at no.spam> wrote:
> BTW, what are you trying to do here? Will your application run on a
> "normal" desktop computer? Or will it run on special devices such as
> vending machines or similar?

You got it: it's a special device.

> in the second case, you shouldn't rely on an existing window manager, and
> try to design your GUI so that doing things "manually" will be easier. For
> example, instead of displaying a dialog for a message, maybe you should
> just reserve a screen zone to display the message, optionally displaying
> it in a special color or making it blink so that the user can't miss it.
> You may also consider using the "place" layout method to display things at
> random coordinates in your application window. For example:

You are right and I think it's not a big deal for simple popup
But when I need tkFileDialog.askdirectory I think things get harder.
I would prefer not have to reimplement the whole stuff from scratch...

P.S. BTW I already owe you a pizza for your help. Do you think you can
be at this weekend? :-)

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