Python, Dutch, English, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

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Mon Jun 4 15:53:44 CEST 2007

On Jun 4, 11:54 am, Ross Ridge <rri... at>
> Steve Howell  <showel... at> wrote:
> >about Japan:
> >    major linguistic influences: Chinese, English,
> >Dutch
> English and Dutch are minor linguistic influences.
Obviously. But language evolves.

> >Asia:
> >   Python should be *completely* internationalized for
> >Mandarin, Japanese, and possibly Hindi and Korean.
> >Not just identifiers.  I'm talking the entire
> >language, keywords and all.
> This would be more convincing if it came from someone who spoke Mandarin,
> Japanese, Hindi or Korean.
I'm a Chinese.
Language/English is really a  big problem for Chinese programmers.
If python can be written in Chinese, it may become the  most  popular
program language in China(though popular alreay).
Considering the potential large amount of users in China,  the effort
of internationalization for Chinese will totally worth.

> btw. Mandarin is a spoken dialect Chinese, what you're actually asking
> for is a Simplified-Chinese version of Python.

Mandarin is not a friendly way of saying Chinese and it is totally
unacceptable in some area.
Either Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese  will be better.

and last but not least, python ROCKS.

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