The Modernization of Emacs

Bjorn Borud borud-news at
Sat Jun 23 16:18:28 CEST 2007

[Twisted <twisted0n3 at>]
| > I have observed similar opinions in other non-computer-freaks.  people
| > who see the computer only as a tool and are only interested in getting
| > the job done.  they have a surprising preference for Linux.
| But not emacs, I'll bet. I think emacs appeals to people who like
| dealing with the mechanics of emacs or fiddling with and extending the
| darn thing. But most people just want to get the job done, and the
| editor or other tools they use have to get out of the way and simply
| let them work.

no, Emacs is not among the applications they use.  nor are any IDEs or
compilers.  I don't think Emacs is that relevant to these users since
what they do is mostly word-processing, spreadsheets, mail and web
browsing.  Emacs is not really targeted at Word processing as
such. (although that doesn't stop some people from thinking that it
would be a good idea to turn Emacs into a wordprocessing application
with support for graphics, mixed fonts etc.)

I use Emacs for creating documents, but this is very different since I
use LaTeX and I'm a programmer, so it is very conventient for me to
use a system that allows me to treat documents like code (with respect
to revision control systems etc).  outside academia or the technical
community, not that many use LaTeX, but I have seen it in the past.


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