trouble with sqlite under debian etch

Rustom Mody rustompmody at
Sat Jun 30 20:52:09 CEST 2007

I was trying to follow the sqlalchemy tutorial on my debian etch box
and got stuck with installation.  Any help/pointers will be welcome.

First after installing sqlalchemy needed some sqlite package
synaptic showed me packages python-pysqlite, python-pysqlite1.1 and

Theres some confusion regarding numbers: python-pysqlite2 is for
sqlite3 or some such thing

Tried python-pysqlite1.1 and got errors. Tried 2 and got version warnings.

Downloaded the tgz and did a setup build followed by a setup install

Now the
>>> db = create_engine('sqlite:///tutorial.db')
gives me no module _sqlite

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