Python, Dutch, English, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

montyphyton at montyphyton at
Mon Jun 4 13:39:27 CEST 2007

> Agreed, but FWIW, if you compared Slavic-writing
> people to Chinese-writing people, I would think that a
> higher percentage of Slavic-writing people would be
> bilingual in terms of their ability to write code in
> non-Slavic alphabets, due to various
> cultural/geographical factors.

of course. but maybe it would be a nice effort to enable writing code
in cyrillic, since it is a whole new alphabet. for the accented
letters from slavic (or other) languages, i agree that one wouldn't
gain much from enabling their use in source code.
but my point being, if we are going to add chinese and japanese, why
not do everything right and add all languages/alphabets? after all,
after adding chinese, how hard can it be to add a few accedented
letters :)

> I don't predict a huge upswing in Slavic-writing
> Python programmers after PEP 3131, even among
> children.

you are probably right.

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