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Mon Jun 25 21:51:01 CEST 2007

On 2007-06-25, vedrandekovic at <vedrandekovic at> wrote:

> I have problem with installing Python on the Linux platform.Can you
> tell me step by step how can I install
> python on linux  ( please detailed ) , because I don't know anything
> about linux and I really don't understand
> python documentation about installing python on linux.

Virtually all general-purpose server or client Linux distros
already have Python installed.

If you've managed to find one that doesn't, then you've got two

  1) Install it using the package manager for the distro in

  2) Build/Install it from source.

For somebody who knows so little about Linux, I'd strongly
recommend option 1.  We can't give you step-by-step
instructions unless you tell us what distro you're running.

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