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Thu Jun 14 21:05:14 CEST 2007

On Jun 13, 10:04 pm, Josiah Carlson <josiah.carl... at>
> Gabriel Genellina wrote:
> > En Wed, 13 Jun 2007 23:11:22 -0300, nik <nikb... at> escribió:
> >> It would seem that I want to actually save the source code for the
> >> class. I know that I could of course open up an editor and just make
> >> it, but my ideal would be to have the base class, Map, be able to make
> >> the sub-classes. I don't want the class definition. What I want is an
> >> actual class that I could later import and use somewhere else. I am
> >> planning to have each one of these map objects contain a different
> >> dictionary and then be able to import the map into the application,
> >> but have certain methods defined in the Map super-class to draw data
> >> out of the specific map's specific dictionary. I hope that makes
> >> sense.
> >> Something like,
> >> class Map:
> >>      dict = {}
> >>      def DoSomething(self):
> >>          pass
> >>      def MakeNewMapSubClass(self, newclassname):
> >>          """ make a new file, that contains a new
> >> class
> >>              newclassname(Map) that inherits from base-class Map.
> > And are you sure you actually need different subclasses? Will you
> > construct them several instances of each subclass? From the above
> > description I feel you want just different Map *instances*, each with
> > its own dict, not different *subclasses*.
> What you said, and that his solution sounds like a Java approach to the
> problem (subclass an abstract base class that calls specific methods on
> the subclass to "do the right thing").
> To offer the OP source he can use...
> class Map:
>      def __init__(self):
>          self.dict = {}
>      def DoSomething(self):
>          #do something with self.dict
> Every instance gets a new dictionary.  Now, if he actually wants to
> change the behavior of the DoSomething method, of course then it would
> make sense to subclass Map.
>   - Josiah

I am hoping to change the self.dict for each subclass. I realize that
I could save self.dict to file and then load in different dicts each
time I get a new instance of class. But I want to be able to make
subclasses of map that each have different self.dict. Then when I need
to use them, just import the module and use the specific dict, instead
of having to keep track of a separate dictionary file. I am new to
this, but I thought that this would be a regular thing to do in
python, because people must make classes in the interactive console
and then export them somehow for later use.

Thank you for your responses.

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