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Steve Howell showell30 at
Fri Jun 15 03:26:43 CEST 2007

--- rzed <rzantow at> wrote:
> Hmmmmm....
> ... and so on.
> In much of Python's documentation, and in this case,
> an occasional 
> working example of use would go FAR in aiding
> understanding of the 
> underlying concept.

I agree with your sentiment 100%.  Feel free to change
the SimplePrograms page to add any clarity, but as the
other Steve pointed out, I did in fact add a driver.

To your larger point...I have argued in another thread
that the Python documentation needs to have a more
flexible structure that allows for better posting of
example code.  The current modules documentation is
optimized for the case that a module provides a sort
of integrated solution to a particular poblem, so
there is just one examples page per module, but some
modules (e.g. itertools) are really just a grab-bag of
functions, so they could be documented better by
one-or-more example per function.

Sorry for not putting this post in better context, but
I think we are on to the same idea...maybe you can
elaborate on your own point better than I did just

-- Steve

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