Does altering a private member decouple the property's value?

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Tue Jun 19 10:54:41 CEST 2007

"Ethan Kennerly" <kennerly at> writes:

> I really like properties for readonly attributes,

Python doesn't have "readonly attributes", and to attempt to use
properties for that purpose will only lead to confusion.

> and their ability to make the interface more elegant, by hiding
> uninteresting methods (like dumb get/set accessors).

The best solution to this is not to create get/set accessors at
all. Just define a simple data attribute, name the attribute
logically, and use it normally. When the interface demands something
other than a plain attribute, *then* consider changing it to a
property; but prefer a plain data attribute in the usual case.

> >>> class a_class:

Define your classes as inheriting from 'object', or some other type in
the Python type hierarchy, and properties will work as expected.

    class a_class(object):
        # foo

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