Invisible processes in Win2K

Tim Golden mail at
Thu Jun 21 10:04:05 CEST 2007

henrik.garbergs at wrote:
> I'm running a Python program on M$ Windows 2000 as a test monitor. The program 
> should close various processes, mostly "Application error"-windows, as they are 
> created. This works fine until the screensaver gets active or until I press 
> Ctrl-Alt-Del and choose "Lock my computer". At that point, my Python program 
> cannot see any change when a "Application error" pops up. Without locked 
> computer, it can identify these windows and close them, but I want it to do 
> this with the computer locked as well.

I have no chance of checking this out the moment,
but ISTR that when a computer is locked, the
desktop is actually the desktop of a different
(special screensaver) session. Exactly what effect
this will have on your program I'm not sure; it
presumably depends on the interaction between
the session/desktop and the various .Enum<xxx>


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