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En Tue, 12 Jun 2007 11:48:32 -0300, <kyosohma at> escribió:
> On Jun 12, 9:09 am, "Richard Brodie" <R.Bro... at> wrote:

>> If you open a DOS window and run Python from there, it will write the  
>> files
>> in whatever directory you were in when you typed the command.
>> If you are running Python directly from Windows, or from an IDE, it's up
>> to the OS or the IDE to decide what your default directory is. Often it
>> will be the home directory from your user profile.
> Oops. My bad. I didn't know that the IDE behaved differently than the
> DOS window.

You almost certainly use a shortcut to open the program, either in your  
desktop or Start menu. Right click on it, choose Properties, Shortcut tab,  
and see what it says for "Startup Directory" (or something like that).  
That will be the original "current directory" when the program starts; but  
it may be changed afterwards.

Gabriel Genellina

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