The Modernization of Emacs

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On 17 июн, 19:13, Xah Lee <x... at> wrote:
> In the following, i describe some critical changes that are also very
> easy to fix in emacs. If emacs officially adopt these changes, i think
> it will make a lot people, at least programers, like emacs and choose
> emacs as their text editor.
>     * Change the keyboard shortcut of Copy & Paste to ctrl-c and ctrl-
> v as to be the same with all modern applications.
There is a CUA-mode.

>     * Get rid of the *scratch* buffer.
I agree that it should be off by default. I hope that only a minority
of emacs users are emacs developers ;-)

>     * Change the terminology of "kill" to "cut", and "yank" to
> "paste".
In my emacs 21 in menu it says just that.

>     * Change the terminology of Meta key to Alt.
I guess emacs is not for PC only...

>     * Make longlines-mode the default editor behavior for any file.
This is doubtful, but I agree that all modes (LaTeX etc) should at
least work correctly with longlines mode.

>     * When opening a HTML document, automatically provide highlighting
> of HTML, CSS, and Javascript codes. Similarly for other multi-language
> files such as PHP, JSP, et al. This behavior must be automatic without
> requiring user to customize emacs.
For me it opens R files with proper highlighting out-of-the-box -_-;

>     * Reduce the use of the word "buffer" in the emacs documentation.
> Call it "opened file" or "unsaved document".
As far as I understand the concept of buffer is much much wider than
of "unsaved document" or "file". Should we call dired buffer as
"unsaved document"?

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