Babel - Python library for I18N and L10N

Jonas jonas.esp at
Wed Jun 20 21:40:11 CEST 2007

Quoting Christopher Lenz:
Babel 0.8 - Jun 20, 2007

We're proud to present the latest release of the Babel: 0.8.

Babel is a Python library that provides an integrated collection of
utilities that assist with internationalizing and localizing Python
applications (in particular web-based applications.)

This is the first release of the library. It has a number of known
bugs and limitations that we plan to address in upcoming releases.
Feedback from early adopters and people interested in contributing
to the project is very welcome!

You can download the new release here:


Please don't hesitate to report any issues you may find with this


For questions, comments and user discussions, please use the Babel
mailing list:


A big thank you to everyone who tried Babel before this release
and provided feedback, reported bugs, and/or contributed patches!


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