Installing python under the linux

Grant Edwards grante at
Mon Jun 25 22:38:36 CEST 2007

On 2007-06-25, vedrandekovic at <vedrandekovic at> wrote:

>>> I have problem with installing Python on the Linux
>>> platform.Can you tell me step by step how can I install python
>>> on linux ( please detailed ) , because I don't know anything
>>> about linux and I really don't understand python documentation
>>> about installing python on linux.
>> Python is usally already installed on most distros.  In a
>> terminal window type "python" to see if something happens.
>> Also please provide what distro you are running.
> Probably my distro is "ubuntu" <--- I don't what is it, and '
> want install/build python from source

You probably already have Python installed.

Open a terminal.

Type "python" and press <Enter>.

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