Memory leak in PyQt application

Alexander Eisenhuth newsuser at
Thu Jun 28 19:21:36 CEST 2007

Hello alltogether,

My System:

Python 2.5.1
Qt 4.2.2
SIP 4.6
PyQt 4.2

I've a memory leak in a PyQt application and no idea how to find it. What 
happens in the application ?

 From QWindow a QDialog is called on a button "pressed()" signal, that 
instantiate a QThread and waits for it. If the thread has finished, the QDialog 

I've stipped down everything that nothing more happens (to me obviously). 
Boost.Python is used to wrap a C++ Lib (used in the thread). Every time memory 
usage increases for ~70 KB.

Sometimes the application crash on closing QWindow. (QtCore.dll)

- One thing I ask me is weather garbage collection is done in the PyQt main loop?

What hints do you have to find the leak?

Help is very very welcome


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