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Tue Jun 12 15:51:09 CEST 2007

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> On Jun 12, 8:42 am, "T. Crane" <tcr... at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> How is the default path chosen in this instance:
>> myFile = file('test.txt','w')
>> Here I'm opening/creating a file but I have not specified the exact path, 
>> so
>> how does Python determine where to 'put' this file?  More to the point, 
>> how
>> do I change what the default path is?  Right now it's a networked drive 
>> that
>> should not be getting my Python clutter.
>> Interestingly, this network drive is also where I can find my _ipython
>> folder from my ipython install as well as my .matplotlib folder.  Can 
>> anyone
>> tell me how to change where these folders and files go by default?
>> thanks for any help,
>> trevis
> When you don't specify where you want to save a file, it saves the
> file to the directory the script itself is run from. As far as I know,
> you have to specify where you want the file saved if you don't want it
> with the

Unfortunately, this is not the case.  My module's path is this:

C:\documents and setting\t_crane\my documents\python modules\

Python is in the directory C:\Python25

The file is being saved in this path:

K:\myFile.txt  (this is the networked drive mentioned above)

As an aside, I forgot to mention above that I'm using Windows XP.  Any other 
ideas or possible reasons that it would not choose my script location as the 
default location to save something?


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