Python in the Mozilla world

Todd Whiteman toddw at
Tue Jun 12 01:28:35 CEST 2007

Eric S. Johansson wrote:
> this morning I was looking at Python and XUL.  I was impressed by the very 
> interesting projects that were happening around 2005 but it seems like they have 
> all died.  Integrating Python at the Mozilla was also very intriguing as it held 
> the promise of eliminating JavaScript for extension development (yaaa).  But 
> that seems to have died as well.  In fact, it looks like that almost all of the 
> alternative languages for browsers have died for lack of interest or something. 
>   I was really looking forward to pyax

Not quite true. Mark Hammond has been working on integrating Python into 
  Mozilla to work as a JavaScript near equivalent for use with XUL. This 
is currently integrated into the mozilla trunk and expected to be 
ready/included for Firefox 3. I have seen this in action, so it is not 
just hype. Check PyDom info for a brief overview:

There are also a few projects that make use of PyXPCOM in the current 
mozilla/firefox/xulrunner builds, such as Democracy and Komodo.


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