The Modernization of Emacs

Joel J. Adamson jadamson at
Thu Jun 21 19:10:48 CEST 2007

I just tried it: works for me.


David Kastrup <dak at> writes:

> Lew <lew at lewscanon.nospam> writes:
>> Bjorn Borud <borud-news at> writes:
>>>> so if the context was system administration, I'd vote for vi as
>>>> well. if the context was programming I'd vote Emacs.
>> David Kastrup wrote:
>>> You know you can use something like
>>> C-x C-f /su::/etc/fstab RET
>>> (or /sudo::/etc/fstab) in order to edit files as root in a normal
>>> Emacs session?
>> I've been using emacs for something like twenty years and never knew
>> that before.
> The package "tramp" will provide that (as well as editing files over
> ssh, scp, rsync, telnet, plink...).  It is already preinstalled in
> Emacs 22.1, but can also be installed for earlier versions.
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> David Kastrup

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