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Il 28 Feb 2007 14:09:09 -0800, sjdevnull at ha scritto:

> Seems obvious and desirable to me.  Bare "=" is the way you assign a
> name to an object; saying "NAME =" will rebind the name, breaking the
> connection between a and b.  Without it, they continue to refer to the
> same object; extending the list (via += or .extend) mutates the
> object, but doesn't change which objects a and b are referencing.

Well... the main problem is not with the '+=' operators themselves, it's
with the 'global coherence'. I would assume then, that if the '+=' operator
is assumed to modify objects in-place, it would just fail on immutable
objects, wouldn't I?

I mean... I don't like that. I'm not really a Python expert, I found this
behaviour is documented in the language reference itself:

But... I don't know, still think it's confusing and not going to use it.

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