execfile locks file forever if there are any syntax errors - is it python bug?

Slawomir Nowaczyk slawomir.nowaczyk.847 at student.lu.se
Wed Mar 14 13:07:57 CET 2007


When I execfile a file which contains a syntax error, the file becomes
locked and stays this way all the way until I exit the interpreter (I am
unable to delete it, for example). I have tried but failed to find any
way to unlock the file... Is this a bug in Python?

Is there *any* way to unlock the file? It is annoying for me because I
often execfile various temporary files and it is a nuisance not to be
able to delete them.

I have tested with Python 2.5 on Windows... do other versions of Python
behave this way as well?

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   Slawomir Nowaczyk
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