Questions about app design - OOP with python classes

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Thu Mar 1 23:23:22 CET 2007

adriancico at a écrit :
> On Mar 1, 9:45 pm, Bruno Desthuilliers
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> I understand (I've been in wikipedia :-) ). Right now the Frame is the
> controller as well
> as the view.

Yeps. Note that this is a common "simplification" of the MVC - Microsoft 
labelled it "Document/View".

> My problem was that, altough I knew OOP basics, I didn't know how to
> apply them exactly.

It mostly comes out of experience IMHO. But reading the GOF (I let you 
google for what this TLA refers to !-) may not be a bad idea - it's 
probably the best book about OO design I've read so far, even if lot of 
the described patterns make less sens in an highly dynamic language like 

>>Note that there's nothing Python-specific in your question. But since
>>comp.object is one of the worst places on earth to ask questions about OO...
> I am developing in Python, so it made sense to me to post here. But
> you are right, the question
> is off-topic. Sorry for that.

Alas, the appropriate newsgroup (comp.object) has turned into one of the 
most unfriendly and sterile places I know on the net.

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