pop method question

Hendrik van Rooyen mail at microcorp.co.za
Sun Mar 4 09:10:56 CET 2007

 "Alex Martelli" <aleax at mac.com> wrote:

> Raymond Hettinger <python at rcn.com> wrote:
>    ...
> > The notion that "pop" is only defined for stack operations is somewhat
> > pedantic.
> Worse: it's totally wrong.  It's also defined for eyes, as a musical
> genre, as a kind of soda, as an avant-garde artistic movement of the
> '50s, for baloons, as a parent of the male persuasion, for email
> reading, and moreover it's often used to refer to Persistent Organic
> Pollutants or Points Of Presence -- not forgetting weasels, either.
One should never forget the pawning of weasels.

Then there is the contrary meaning - instead of "take out" it can 
mean "put in" - Just pop it in the oven, there's a dear...

- Hendrik

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