Fortran vs Python - Newbie Question

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Mon Mar 26 18:04:01 CEST 2007

kyosohma at a écrit :
> On Mar 26, 8:20 am, "Noma... at" <Noma... at> wrote:
>> OK...
>> I've been told that Both Fortran and Python are easy to read, and are
>> quite useful in creating scientific apps for the number crunching, but
>> then Python is a tad slower than Fortran because of its a high level
>> language nature, so what are the advantages of using Python for
>> creating number crunching apps over Fortran??
>> Thanks
>> Chris
> While I have never personally dealt with Fortran, I looked it up here:
> The code examples speak for themselves. I recommend you look those
> over and then look over similar simple program written in Python.
> Python is still easier to read. Fortran also appears to be a compiled
> language, whereas Python is an interpreted language.

Being 'compiled' or 'interpreted' is not a feature of a language, but of 
a given implementation of a language (and even then, some 
implementations of some languages supports both).

wrt/ CPython (the reference implementation), it is actually compiled to 
byte-code - just like Java. The main difference being that the VM is 
smart enough to automagically (re)compile what's needed.

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