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>>>Hi All,
>>>I'm looking for a substance that does a phase change at between 60 and
>>>100 C.

>I settled for hurricane wax. (IGI-1260). But that, because I felt it 
>would suit my application, domestic heating. I have 3 thousand pounds of 
>the stuff.


>Best, Dan.

I don't know how I could have overlooked this note for several days.
It sounds like a wonderfully adventurous design.
I have not been keeping up with the literature,  but phase change
media ought to be the way to go.
After all, if four tons of ice could hold a house down with a temp
differential of 20 degreesC or so, then  1.5 tons of wax might have a
good  chance of holding the temperature up with a temp differential
 of 80-20degC    = 60 degrees.

Wonder what the latent heat is? Less than 340 kJ/kg I imagine.
How much did it cost?

Brian  Whatcott   Altus OK

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