Eureka moments in Python

Mohammad Tayseer m_tayseer82 at
Sun Mar 18 19:07:06 CET 2007

> I'd be interested in hearing people's stories of Eureka moments 
> in Python, moments where you suddenly realise that some task 
> which seemed like it would be hard work was easy with Python.

I had a project in the faculty where we were supposed to implement a compiler for a very simple language (no functions, etc).

I was responsible for implementing the compiler itself & another colleage was responsible for making an editor for the language - a bonus feature. I was still learning Python & my colleage only heard about it. I implemented the language completely within 4 days. My colleage learnt Python & Tkinter and made a text editor with syntax highlighting & auto-indentation in 3 days. We implemented all the bonus features while other groups was still fighting with lex & yacc just to get it to *run* right. We were the highest ranked group :)

The next year, the teaching assistant refused that any project be done in Python because it is so easy :(

Part of the productivity boos came from pyggy, a very simple yet powerful parser generator that made writing the compiler clear as exactly as our course note said :)

Mohammad Tayseer

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