number generator

Anton Vredegoor anton.vredegoor at
Wed Mar 14 17:24:16 CET 2007

Paul Rubin wrote:

>> def genpool(n, m):
>>     if n == 1:
>>         yield [m]
>>     else:
>>         for i in xrange(1, m):
>>             for rest in genpool(n-1, m-i):
>>                 yield rest + [i]
>> import random
>> print random.choice(list(genpool(n=4, m=20)))
> This generates a lot of the partitions more than once, with
> possibly unequal probability.

Well, I just noticed that with my memoization function it produces too 
little :-(

But I hope you notice that this function doesn't create only partitions 
but all possible outcomes?


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